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Immigration Reform - What You Can Do To Make It Happen

WHEN is immigration reform going to happen?  My response is always the same, when YOU make it happen. That is right, YOU!  Senators and Congressman make the law, but they make the law based upon the demands of the people, and you are one of the people they listen too.

Did you know that regardless of your immigration status, you were counted in the census, and that a seat in Congress was apportioned to YOU.  That means that the congressman and senators in Washington (and at the state level) are there because you counted and that they are your representatives regardless of your immigration status.  They are accountable to you.  No one should be afraid to call their congressman or senator, and certainly not if they are undocumented.

Actually, its pretty simple.  Call 202-224-3121 for the Capitol Switchboard.  Ask to speak to your Senator (for Georgia this is Senators Isakson and Chambliss).  Or, ask to speak to your Congressman.  You can locate who your congressman is by going to this link:  Then call that same number and ask to speak to him.  Tell him you are a constituent, that you live in Georgia (they sometimes ask for your address to make sure you actually in the district), and then tell the person answering the phone you are calling to ask the Senator or Congressman to SUPPORT IMMIGRATION REFORM like Senate Bill S.744.  

The Anti-Immigration forces call everyday, all day long.  They flood Congress with calls, because they are angry people.  They do not like immigrants (don't let their "we like legal immigrants" fool you, they don't like any immigrants), and they are angry.  Angry people call their congressman and senators and they are calling now.  YOU need to call now if you want to fix our Immigration laws for the future.  The bills pending in Congress are NOT perfect. But they are good enough and we cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

So, I challenge you.  Make three calls today.  One each to our two Senators and one to your congressman.  Do this every single day until immigration reform happens. It will take no more than 3 minutes.  You, your family, and your friends can, and will, make the difference to make Immigration Reform happen  in 2013.

Georgians Want Immigration Reform, Now!

Over the last two weeks, Harper Polling, a Republican Organization, and Public Policy Polling, a Democratic organization, jointly conducted polls at the request for a Partnership for a New American Economy, on the Gang of 8 Immigration Reform Proposal in 29 states across the Country, including here in Georgia.  To no one's surprise, the poll found that a large majority of Georgia voters support the bill currently in Congress and are more likely to support our leaders who vote for it!   Here’s what they found:   
  • There is overwhelming bipartisan support for the bill. 61% of Georgians support the bill in the Senate, S. 744. 
  • Support for the bill cuts across party lines in Georgia
  • Voters will reward their leaders in Washington who support the immigration reform plan. In Georgia, 61% of voters said they are MORE likely to support a leader who votes for this legislation!
  • A path to legality receives strong support across the board.  In Georgia 78% of Georgians support the immigration plan that ensures that undocumented immigrants pay a penalty, learn English, pass a criminal background check, pay taxes, and wait minimum of thirteen years before they can be eligible for citizenship.
  • GOP voters, in particular, showed strong support for the pathway to citizenship. There is support for  a path among a significant percentage of Republican voters in Georgia.  The numbers make it clear that Republics are ready to get behind a path to citizenship, provided the understand the strict guidelines in the current bill.
  •  This poll includes 44% Republicans, 37% Democrats and 19% Independents, and more importantly, 66% of the people who responded are over 50, and 66% are white, 27% are black, and only 1% are Hispanic!  Republicans leaders do not need to be afraid of the voters in their party if they vote FOR Immigration Reform.  They will only be punished if the fail to support Immigration Reform!
"Over the last few years, we have seen a country increasingly polarized across party lines when it comes to almost all attempts to move legislation   Yet the compromise that's been crafted on immigration reform is a rare exception to that rule.  The bill that's been constructed has broad support with every segment of the electorate in every part of the country.  The bipartisan immigration reform  package represents a rare opportunity to cast an affirmative vote for major legislation that enjoys overwhelming support from voters of all stripes."  

Let's contact our Senator's today and let them know they have the people behind them!  Georgia speaks and our Senators and Congressman must listen!